About Me….

From as far back as I can remember I have always loved to draw. My interest in art led me to study Graphic Design/Illustration at Sheridan College and Fine Art at McMaster University. I graduated in Graphic Design/Illustration and worked in this field for 15 years. I continued to freelance, while at home with my two daughters, Oksana and Tamara.

Over the years I have worked on several books… The Canadian Children’s Annual as Art Director, and I illustrated 3 children’s books. Two Ukrainian Books–‘Leeto’ and ‘Oseen’ and ‘James Parsons and His Magnificent Mouth of Adventure.”

When my children were growing up, they danced with the Chaika Dance Ensemble in Hamilton. Over the years we began to accumulate several blouses for different costumes. One day I washed a blouse and hung it to dry. I decided to do a quick sketch of it and give it to my daughter as a gift. That is how the ’shirt on a hanger’ series began with ’Tamara’s shirt’. From there I continued to draw a variety of embroidered items…blouses, pillows, towels, serviettes. Each drawing has a story….